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Senin, 30 Mei 2011


You know..??? Farewell is not the end..
Yup....for all 9A1 we'll be friends forever. and more than just "truck in My heart".
hahaahaaa.....hihihihiii...xaxaxa..xixixixiii....we had all those.
jet coaster, pramex, turn left, turn right, screaming,
flutter, keep in hand, so close, so tightly....hohohohohoooooo
they never lost in my mind neither you are...right???
for all my dear students..That's all can I give you. I hope not only my anger and everything hurt you that stay on yours...DEMI ALLOH...there is no hatred in my heart, just want you be better....but that's I am, May be It so hurt you. my speech, my word, my eyes, my face..."FORGIVE ME ALL".
but also wanna be in your smile as "cumi-cumi asam manis"-my speech, my words as " BAKSO BASKOM" and our friendships as long as beach we had last sunday....more than three beaches.....
good bye my your step on.


                                                           @ drini beach



                                             @drini beach

                                            @ bose..hahahaaa

                                                       @siung beach

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