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The function of the notice are:
1. to give instruction/to instruct people to____
2. to give direction
3. to ask people to_____
4. to advice/to suggest/to recomended people to____
5. to remaind people to_____
6. to warn/to give warning
7. to ban/to forbid/to prohibit people to_____
 please read some examples for them here 
greeting cards
short message
an announcement is a short, spoken message. the announcement cold be made at a meeting or on radio or television (like an advertisement). an announcement is an exposition when it has the purpose of persuading the audience to do something by presenting a point of view. the usual features of an announcement are:
  • an introductory comment that gets the audience's attention.
  • the message (usually brief)
  • a concluding comment.
here is an example:

On the fourth floor today we have a lovely selection of umbrellas. These umbrellas are the latest designs and come in fashionable lime green, orange and purple. Prices have been slashed by a whopping 30 per cent. So, don’t delay. With winter just arround the corner, come up to the fourth floor now and get yourself a bargain on a great umbrella

Monday, April 21, is Kartini’s day. To celebrate it, each class must present a couple of boy and girl. They have to wear and perform the traditional costumes. Also there will be: Best of show and creativity. Winners will receive prizes at 02.00 p.m in the school hall. For more information, please confirm your class teacher.

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Advertisement is a public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc.
It usually has persuading sentences to attract the readers to buy, come, etc

They contain a mix of facts and persuasive comment.
They focus on the positive and ignore the negative.
They use exaggerated language, full of adjectives and adverbs to paint an appealing picture.
They start sentences with the imperative.
They ask rhetorical questions.
They use memorable images and slogans.
 these are the example of advertisement: